Friday 1 July 2011

I haven't blogged for a few days . I have been blog browsing and reading other blogs . There is some beautiful work and crafts being shown . I get carried away with other people,s creativity then I don't have enough time left to write my own blog .

I'm making a flannelette quilt at present , I think this quilt will be over ny knees a lot this winter it is so cosy.

It's been a great day shopping in a nearby market town with bluebell . Coffee and cream cake to fortify us half way through the morning . A few purchases , the sort you don't set out to buy . Shoes were on the agenda but I came back without shoes but with 2 cardigans , Where is the logic ? I also bought a video , never heard of it but the man assured me I would like it!!! We finished our outing with a very nice fish and chip lunch al fresco .

Tonight I have been sneezing , itching . scratching , blowing , I am now at the huffing and puffing phase , goodness knows what kind of pollen is blowing on the wind . I,m not a sufferer of hayfever but living in a country area surrounded by fields does give problems sometimes .

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Aunty Bee said...

The flannel quilt sounds a good idea for winter. I love the fact you went shopping for one thing and bought something totally different. I stopped to pick up so steak for dinner and got sidetracked and bought a wooden shelf for the kitchen. I had a hard time explaining that when I got home, as I had forgot the steak.