Friday 20 May 2011

O Happy Day

I had the best day yet at Malvern Quilt Show , Bluebell and myself had a great time . I didn.t get tired at all . Was it because I had a coca cola at lunch time!! I bought a little , spent a little .

I bought a roll of fabric from Kim Porter of 'Warm and Washed' she has beautiful recycled fabrics cut like jelly rolls . I had a 4" wide roll that equals 4 mtrs fabric . Tomorrow I shall put on a pic ,. of my roll . I have looked at Kim's fabric for the last 3 yrs but thought although beautiful it seemed out of my price bracket but this year I went for it . At present I,m still stroking it . I bought 2 patterns . A christmas one and a pincushion pattern , Patterns had gone up in price , now £8 where they used to be £6 . The price of fabric on most stalls was extortionate . Even the price of gadgets had been increased . Patchworkers will be using their stash instead of falling for new lines .

The quilt in the pictures is a 9 patch I have made for my daughter in law .

I have recently taken part in 2 swaps . I sent my end of the bargain off but have received nothing in exchange . Why are people so unfair? No more exchange blocks etc, for me . I didn,t need them , I was entering into the spirit of the thing . I could have saved on materials and postage .


Scrappy quilter said...

So sorry the swaps didn't turn out. Maybe they are still in the mail...hopefully. I'm with you, I don't understand why others aren't honest when it comes to swaps. Hugs

Aunty Bee said...

Lovely quilt, I'm sorry your swaps didn't happen,it's not very nice to sign up and then not follow through. I agree the cost of fabric has gone up and I am using my stash and not replacing fabric at this time either, not that I think the prices will go down again.

MyCretanlife said...

You should get in touch with the organiser of the swap to find out what has happened.
Pleased that you enjoyed your visit to the quilt show. Everything has gone up in price thats why I mainly use recycled materials. I go to bazaars here ( really a jumble sale) and buy my materials. I bring them home and give them all a good wash then cut them all up and place in plastic bags ready for use. I cut off all the ribbons, buttons and lacey bit and recycle them also. Well one has to look after the pennies even more so now. Have a great weekend.