Sunday 15 May 2011

I like

Just look at this beautiful African print fabric . I looked at it last week but when Bluebell said she had to go back to the fabric guild again this week I knew I had to buy a yard . I have a nice stash of African related fabric and to me this is beautiful .
I have a bag and quilt in prints of a similar kind . I,m so looking forward to making a start on something .

We go to the Malvern quilt show this week . Such an exciting time of the year , gardens , days out . mooching in the charity shops and the quilt shows .

This is what I,m working on at present . It's a nine patch . I finished a similar quilt about 3 weeks ago . Always a favourite and so easy to do . Hand quilting on the 9s and machine quilting in the plain block . Just a large squiggle on the plain . It's myopinion that while close quilting is lovely and very decorative it doesn't have the warmth and softness of a quilt more loosely quilted .

This quilt with the sheep I finished last week . I love the cream and brown colouring

While sitting at night I,m doing sewing over papers in the English method . This one I,m showing was finished many moons ago but I'm doing one the same but a different colour way .

I'm also working on a grandmothers garden quilt and a tumbling blocks also both are paper piecing . This means I have 3 quilts on the go paper piecing . they each require different size scraps and different colours so I'm not fazed having 3 on the go at once .

It has been cold here in England this week so it's difficult not to sit cosy and have a couple of biscuits with a cuppa . Enough said !!


Piece by Piece said...

You are a busy lady. Your quilts look great. Weather here in S. W. Ontario Canada, has turned wet and much cooler than this past week.

Jane said...

What DO you do with all those quilts? When you go to bed beneath them you must look like the proverbial needle in a haystack! :O))

Aunty Bee said...

lovely quilts I see you pin your quilts I'm going to do this with my next quilt as I have so much trouble tacking it together. Which do you prefer?

Chris H said...

I agree about the larger quilting stitching... it does look lovely. I might try the larger meandering stitch myself soon.
I love the idea of having 2-3 or more quilts on the go at one time, if you get a bit bored doing one you can switch to another.