Monday 16 May 2011

To start the day

I've filled the bird feeders , scurried around the house doing a few necesaries and now I shall be sewing down one side of a quilt I finished yesterday ,well it isn't finished till the binding is sewn but nearly there . It.s a cool day so sitting sewing facing my garden will be very pleasant .

The sparrows bought their new family out of the nest yesterday . They haven't been feeding so frantically this morning , perhaps they are on a trip to show the area to the young ones . I still have pesky pidgeons though .



Scrappy quilter said...

Sounds like a perfect day, quilting. We have some baby birds here too. They are so cute to watch. Hugs

Chris H said...

How lovely to sew and watch the garden and birds.
I sew in our garage... so a concrete block wall is what I see... luckily I also have a TV and DVD player, so I usually watch a movie or two!