Sunday 6 February 2011

Promises , Promises

A little wander in the garden and I discovered this little gem . No more anywhere , talk about being the poor relation . It,s like the song 'Where have all the flowers gone '
This is what I call a cottage quilt , it,s been a long time in the making, at least 9 month but this week I have bound the edges , as I,m showing it now it was still raw edge but now completed . It,s made up of 4" squ,s I have finished a very nice bag today that I have been working on , I,ll show it tomorrow .
Bluebell and myself spent the morning at an antique centre , we managed to sueeze elevenses in . We didn,t spend , we walked round with our hands behind our back .


Elizabethd said...

The first snowdrops are such a joy, eve if it is just one little plant!
Beautiful quilt.

Angela said...

What a super quilt! if YOUR snowdrops are out, I must check the corner of my garden where mine usually appear first. It has been so windy today I haven't felt like wandering outside.

Jane said...

I LOVE that quilt! It's what I call, if you'll excuse the ignorance of it, a 'proper' patchwork quilt.
Have you seen my sorry tale about the Rambling Rector and my old pear tree? I didn't mention on my blog but there were lots of snowdrops, celandine and teensy daffodils beneath it too :O((

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

You have been busty - that quilt is amazing!

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

Whoops, that should say 'busy' - so sorry for my typo {blush}.

Piece by Piece said...

Flowers in your garden, how lucky can you be. Love your quilt.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

What a gorgeous quilt, you are such a talented lady:) Oh snowdrops, one of my favourite spring flowers along with bluebells. How I miss seeing them:( Elevenses with Bluebell how perfect does that sound♥ I love the name Bluebell and I'm wondering what the story is behind it? Linda xx

Carolien said...


What a lovely quilt this is! As is the blue one you just finished. Wow!

Thanks for visiting my blog & Dutch greetings,