Monday 14 February 2011

Preparing the way forward

Last Friday I bought a victoria plum tree , nice size , about 5 ft , these are the ingredients to help get it off to a good start .
I,m hoping next year I will pick my first plums . In a previous house I had a small tree that was so prolific we had to prop the branches up . In this home we had a plum tree ,it was not very fruitful so I took it out . I have high hopes for this one . To me it seems victoria plums when in season are always expensive , to pick from your own tree ! wonderful .

This green jug was a pressy from Silver sewer several years ago , I,m very fond of it .
Off to the patchwork fabric sale tomorrow. Nice to be involved in the scrum but it will be patterns and kits I,ll be looking at . I,ll show the booty on my next blog.


Catsngrams said...

Wonderful! I hope it grows strong and fruitful for you

Elizabethd said...

Victoria plums are just the best. I'm sure it will do well.
Have fun at the Bramble patch!

Jane said...

I bought some fruit trees ffrom a nursery when we were creating the orchard and they threw one in for free as it had lost it's label. Iended up with the Victoria I'd chosen and that's what the freebie turned out to be too. As a resukt I'm absolutely innundated with Victorias every August. It takes hours of picking and I freeze dozens and dozens of ice cream containers full as well as selling at the gate and still a lot get left to fall on the grass for the wasps. It's a joy and good for 3 nights of plums for pud every week of the year but I wouldn't recommend 2 trees unless someone has 10 children!
I hope that your new tree is prolific - and that you have a freezer! :O)

cottonreel said...

Oh Yea!!!!I have 2 freezers ,bring on the plums---cottonreel