Friday 11 February 2011

Late start

It,s a late start for me today , I always listen to Chris Evans in the morning while getting ready to face the day . He had Brian Cox as his guest .
Brian Cox is a scientist , he is on programmes about the universe and space . He is no stuffed shirt ,he,s young and very likeable . he has a new series starting in March . I shall be all agog .
I have been busy spring cleaning this week . I have just about cracked it now . Silver sewer says a good going over once a week takes care of her home . I don,t have a special day for cleaning , if the sun shines , it,s gardening or even just enjoying the day . Of course I,d love to be a super duper house cleaner but it,s not quite how my priorities lay . If I have planned to do a domestic stint but someone rings to say can I come over the dusters get put back in the cupboard .
Spring must be on the way now , the sun is shining , buds are bursting .
Did you see the photo bluebell put on her blog . I,m sueing her , Never did I resemble my mother more than that picture . I,m not at all photogenic , ah well !! I was good looking when it mattered .


Elizabethd said...

Photos lie!
We have a sunny day here too, so out in the garden!

Diane said...

I'm a big Brian Cox fan. Such a lovley young man. x

Jane said...

When I look at old photos of myself I always wish I'd realised I was good looking when I was - I could have done with the self-confidence boost :O(

Aunty Bee said...

I never feel totally committed to housework, any distraction is welcomed. It is still very warm here as you look for signs of Spring, I'm looking for signs of Autumn and nothing really yet. I saw the photo and I laughed at your comment about looking like your mum, I took a photo to work of my mum and 4 people said gosh you look like her........she is 94 and I'm 40 years younger.