Thursday 6 January 2011

Wishing and hoping

I,ve been whiling a little time away looking at garden photo,s. Last year it was very poor and most disappointing .so much so that I decided to just go for hydrangeas , lavender and roses which I planted in abundance last autumn . I realise all of these plants take awhile to get established . Due to the awful autumn I did not get round to planting bulbs . It will be a dismal spring without them but perhaps I shall buy ready planted pots to fill spaces .
I,m looking forward to even 1 pleasant day soon to clear leaves and tidy round the edges


Scrappy quilter said...

Oh sweetie, I do hope your garden produces beautifully this year. I can't even begin to think of gardening until May. Hope you are feeling better today. Hugs

Jane said...

I'm sure that your new planting will be lovely and cottagey. It does gardens - and gardeners - good to have a fresh start now and then.
Bulbs, well don't talk to me about bulbs -I have 150 tulip bulbs that I forgot all about until I cleared up the utility room after Christmas. :O(

Elizabethd said...

What a beautiful header you have now.
I think hydrangeas, lavender and roses sounds perfect.