Wednesday 5 January 2011

My Start to the New year

I fell victim to the dreaded lurgy that is sweeping Britain . I felt there was an army of people inside my head , poking the back of my eyes ,blocking my ears with cotton wool , and goodness knows what they concocted in my sinus . Today I feel 99% better , still stuffy in the head but the pain and coughing and sneezing have almost gone .
Apart from all this I spent christmas with my family 150 miles away . I had a lovely time . I was collected by my grandson and bought back home by my son . I came back with the virus , almost all the family were suffering in various stages of the bug so it was a foregone conclusion I would succumb .
I,m not making resolutions this year but I would like to declutter a little . I,m a hoarder and saver , I love my clutter, I do occasionally put thing away for awhile but they always come back out again .
I,d like to eat more healthy , less cooked stuff such as potatoes and carbs . I don,t go down the path of exercise , it,s a nasty word and an even more unpleasant way to spend time .
Would you believe I have had burst pipes twice and a frozen pipe from the boiler already and there is still a long winter ahead of us . Fortunately none of the pipes were in the house . My washing machine is in the garage so water pipes extend outside the house . They were adequately lagged and boxed in but the weather has been so severe .I have never had a problem with burst pipes before . My grandson is an electrical engineer and has now fitted electric cables to the system that will protect against frost . He assures me no more burst pipes. The plumber and the corgi boiler man came promptly each time they were needed . I musn,t forget Bluebell , she has been a gem . We went out today , lunch and a little retail therapy .


Scrappy quilter said...

So glad to finally see you back. I was getting very concerned. Even asked Ann if she had heard from you. Hope you are well on your way to feeling better soon. Hugs

cottonreel said...

I,m feeling fine now .thank you , and I,m glad to be blogging again--love ,cottonreel

By Hoki Quilts said...

So pleased you are improving. My heart goes out to all of you over there. Although raised in the midlands and experienced in the snow and ice I have never experienced anything anywhere near as bad as what you have had this year. Try to keep warm and leave the diet until it's much warmer.

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see you back. I wondered what happened. It's no wonder you got sick with all of the nasty cold you've been having over there!
Hugs! Diane

Micki said...

Glad that you are feeling better and that you want to make this year a healthier one.