Wednesday 8 December 2010


Some things good , some things not so good .
1---I had my flu jab today , it,s o,k but itchy
2---I called to see bluebell on the way home from the clinic , she had made a lovely sponge cake for me with buttercream and raspberry jam
They are the good bits of the day
3--- my conservatory door , something has happened to it , possibly the weather , it closes with coaxing but will not lock
4---I have a burst pipe , I phoned bluebell she came with her husband Tony to turn the water off . I would not have had any idea where to do it . The pipe to the washing machine has been frozen for days .
5-- the fish pond is now almost just ice , I have peered intently , I think the fish are still moving in what water there is left , there is a hole in the ice . I keep putting a little water in from the tap but I know that is not good .
I realise my problems are small and rather insignificant to what many are suffering . Tomorrow is another day .


Scrappy quilter said...

Sending you lots of hugs. Hope you can get those pipes fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You and me both with burst pipes! Well, sort of! Our drain line from our washing machine froze and it sprayed out all over my laundry room when the machine started to drain! Luckily, I heard it splashing before it did any major flooding! Yikes! Hope you unfreeze your pipes soon. That can be a real mess!
Hugs! Diane

Piece by Piece said...

Hope you get your pipes fixed soon. It sounds as if the cold weather might be the cause of your door not closing properly. I have much the same problem with the back door of my garage, I have to coax it during the really cold weather (-19 C).
The flu shot will keep to well, keep warm and have another piece of cake.

Barb said...

You are so right, tomorrow is another day! Hope it turns out better for you!!

Angela said...

Thanks for comment on my blog. Hope the domestic disasters are all sorted soon - glad that my flowers are still there to cheer you!
Advent Blessings x