Sunday 5 December 2010


I think I was in the right place at the right time , these two plates were £1.50 each . I think they are beautiful .

The kitchen dresser is gradually getting christmas finary

little touches here and there

The tree in my sitting room and the christmas village underneath

A little tree in the hall to welcome visitors
I shall be rooting around for other stuff to celebrate the season . In the midst of all the boxes this afternoon I had visitors


Scrappy quilter said...

It looks like Christmas is defiitely coming to your home. Love those 2 dishes..very pretty. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss S, I love the plates too! And what a bargain! Are you supposed to wait until Christmas to open Jilly's gift? ;-)
It was nice to see you stopping by my blog and commenting. It made me smile. Just like it makes me smile when I use the pincushion you sent me. It's right next to my sewing machine in my studio at my craft station. :-)
Keep warm!!