Thursday 27 May 2010

showing off

I,m showing my change of header ,my dear friend G C went to see the quilts at the V& A in London , she saw this card while there and thought of me . Isn,t it nice when someone links you with something they see .

Now for something different . While shopping at aldi I bought a tin of corned beef . I haven,t bought corned beef for ages , and i,ve had this in my store cupboard for a long time but the date on the tin said use by 2014 . Tonight I decided to use it . I had jersey potatoes , spring greens , I sliced two pieces about 1/2" thick and fried them , my dinner was really tasty and I so enjoyed it , only thing is I now have to use the rest of it. I have in mind
Corned beef salad or , a sort of cottage pie I shall probably not fancy eating it again for a long time but I can recommend Aldi tinned corned beef


Jane said...

My husband likes his corned beef with onions and cold potatoes all fried up. It's his version of something he's had in Germany and loved. It's not exactly health food, but it IS very very tasty! :O)

Angela said...

We recently rediscovered corned beef too - sainsburys budget slices are good for packed lunches if livened up with pickle. Must check out aldi cans now!!
love your new header too
Wistaria Thread looks wonderful - great colour
blessings x

Jenny said...

I love corned beef hash with peppers, tomatoes and onions in it!

Elizabethd said...

Love corned beef, but its ages since I found any.
Your header looks very good.

Lace hearts said...

Corned beef hash is wonderful, as are corned beef and tomato sandwiches. I had it lots as a child, cos it was cheap!