Friday 21 May 2010

Zip a dee do dah

It,s national writing day today so I must write a blog .

I was merrily mopping the kitchen floor this morning when bluebell came visiting , she brought gifts , beautiful ones . They will be posted after my blog , "would you like to go to Ashby" she ask , well I didn,t need asking twice . out came the curling tongs to give my hair a lift , change of clothes and off we went , no more mopping , a basket of ironing left sulking at me and an unmade bed , it was beautiful weather . what an untidy place I left behind .

Off we went , sunshine all the way, when we got to the main st,. in Ashby I wound the window down , called to an old boy "where,s the parking" he nudged the man sitting next to him and pointed to me , perhaps he thought I was a furriner , the man he nudged poked the woman in the ribs sitting next to him , she looked at me blank , once again I ask about the parking , she just pointed , down there!! we were no wiser . Bluebell remarks "if there are any strange people about how is it you always manage to find them"

We found the parking , cruised around for a while looking for a vacant space , bluebell hijacked the road so no,one could do a nippy and get in before her , off we go .

It is a delightful place well loved by American tourist , several courtyards with quaint shops . Bluebell gives a shoe boutique the go over , tries on shoe,s looks at matching bags with the forthcoming wedding in mind , decides to think about it . We next call at a book shop , bluebell buys a book . We browse more shops, cross over the road and stop at no,.76 and have superb coffee , studied the menu and decided we would go back there for lunch . Off we go again , we stood and looked in the estate agents windows , saw several properties we liked the look of , bluebell goes in and gets details of 2 houses she liked the look of !!!

Walking on down the road discussing all and nothing bluebell goes sideways on her ankle , no harm done but her shoe fell to bits , I laughed at her misfortune , she had to walk down the road and across to a shop one shoe on and one shoe off . A pair of flip flops purchased and off we went again , she only broke one shoe , why did she buy a pair I ask . Well ! I didn,t want to walk hihgher on one leg she said . Mmm!

We went back to no,. 76 for lunch . we sat in the back yard it was magical , bluebell will be putting the pics,. on her blog

More browsing , I bought a wall hanger for my little collectables , it will be on my blog after this post . Then we did the charity shops and found a book for my daughter in law , the book ? The Shell seekers ,

we called at Breedon on the hill as we were coming home and bought plates from the antique stall . The day didn,t end there but tomorrow is another day.

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