Friday 21 May 2010

Gifts from Bluebell

These are gifts from bluebell , 4 scented sachets for my wardrobes, rose perfumed , An oh so pretty label and a satin pouch trimmed with silk flowers and ribbon also rose scented. She is very clever and generous too .

I purchased this little thingy for £2 from the charity shop . Its a sealed unit and contains real flowers , yes real flowers .

These 3 plates were £1 each from the antique stall at Breedon . I have quite a bit of the pink transfer ware . The little ribbon dish , so pretty .

Sorry I put this on twice but hey ! it,s worth a second look


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely things!!

alliepallie said...

kathleen, david said can you leave that little flower thingy in your will to peter ha ha

cottonreel said...

Allie pallie is my lovely daughter in law , the comment she is referring to is my family do not share my love of nic,nacs or my style of furnishing . I recently said to my two sons "bluebell wants the kitchen table in my will" their reply was "she can have the whole lot--cottonreel

Jane said...

Your friend Bluebell makes very sweet and pretty things!
I'm more skilled at making massive cock-ups :O(

Catsngrams said...

What lovely things I love the flower dome. It is amazing. Real flowers wow. You are such a lucky lady. Have a great week.

cottonreel said...

Jane , I love your humour and that is a craft-----------cottonreel
P S , I bet that plum Brandy wasn,t a cock up

Scrappy quilter said...

What pretty items. Hugs