Tuesday 11 May 2010

Pigeon post

My garden as I have said in past post has been absolutely delightful this Spring . The only downside is the pigeons . I don,t dislike pigeons , but , I know they are going to decimate my salad and veg,. when they grow .
There are 3 big fat pigeons and I said to bluebell I now have 3 baby ones too , ever a fount of knowledge "no " said she , " they are collared doves " . What do I know of our feathered friends .

I have sat in the conservatory it seems for the last 2 weeks just looking at the birds, bees ,and the blossom on the fruit trees and the flowers , I did promise myself earlier in the year that if the sun was shining that is where I would spend my days . That is when I,m not tazzing around with bluebell . We are doing the charity shops again at present , we are after mens shirts for shirt quilts . I got a very nice pink one and a mauve check so I,m on the way to a pink shirt quilt .

I haven,t been sewing for a while but I might be able to get enthusiastic after I ,ve been to the Malvern quilt show on Thursday . Money melts like chocolate drops at shows but i have not used what I bought last year so I hope not to give in to temptation


Jenny said...

Enjoy the show! I'm going to the NEC one this year, really looking forward to it.

Elizabethd said...

I wish we had shows here, they are few and far between.
I've been playing with your cat! I used to have one but had to take him off as advertising was coming through with it.

Jane said...

Pigeons are a real pita aren't they! I've completely given up on brassicas because of those sodding birds. We also have big big issues with pheasant who peck the heads off our fritillaries, and blackbirds which pull up the young onions. I dunno, sodding wildlife eh?

Jane said...

BTW, I'm from Leicester! We moved to Shropshire about 16 years ago - we left home because the kids wouldn't! lol