Monday 16 November 2009

Learning the craft

This little cat was my friend when I went to Cyprus recently .
The new router should arrive tomorrow, it,s rather a heath robinson set up at present with the ethernet cable trailing the kitchen floor .

I did another stupid thing yesterday , I really must start reading labels . I decided to have some yoghurt , it was on it,s date, and anyone who eats natural yoghurt will know it gets a little sharp if not eaten really fresh . I decided to add a spoon of sugar , I thought ,sugar looks fine , must be caster sugar but carried on, while eating the said goodie I thought it tasted a bit grainy but not sweet,----I,d added ground rice .

I,m just going to have a browse around the blogs before going back to start some quilting , just 4 little pockets for a sewing bag
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Scrappy quilter said...

Rice, now that is something I'd do. That is just too funny!! Have fun quilting. Hugs..