Saturday 7 November 2009

One Happy Lady

Today I have received a pattern I sent for, check out this site to see the pattern You can also reach the site via

Creativity Amongst Chaos .

Please don,t let me mislead you IT IS NOT the picture shown, this is a christmas wall hanging from several years back. This is a pattern I created myself and please copy it if you wish. The delightful pattern I received from Cori Blunt is for Pies!! If you like doing cup cakes you will love these pies. Cori also has a tutorial for a cupcake .

Just read this, I am not a person who drinks normally, it makes my face go red immediately , but I do keep drinks in for guest or family if wanted . Yesterday I had been working at all sorts of things and had a trip into town . When I got home I was absolutely exhausted , my feet hurt, it had been a long journey and I had to prepare a meal for myself . I thought , I know, I,ll have a pick me up , I knew there was some Absolut Vodka in the cupboard , I,ll have a slosh of that and some fruit cordial in it, so . about an inch of this liquid went into the glass , then a slurp of raspberry squash , and then I added water , well I didn,t want it to be strong, just to give me a lift if you know what I mean. Being as I was frazzled I downed half the glass in a couple of gulps, ooh, ouch , choke, I had made the drink with white vinegar . Just goes to show what I know about drinking
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ChitterChatterDesigns said...

That is so funny! I am not a drinker either, that is something I would do. I am so glad you have recieved your pattern! If you have any questions, let me know.
Happy Stitching! -Cori

Scrappy quilter said...

A small parcel is on it's way to you. I mailed it yesterday. I also sent one to Bluebell and to Anne. Sounds like you had an interesting day. Hugs..

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Oh my OH was rolling around when I read this out to need to re-label that bottle!!!

Barb said...

That is too funny!!! Vinegar is supppose to be good for you, did it pick you up? Make your toes curl?

I went and saw those cute pincusions....

Love your wall hanging.

cottonreel said...

The vinegar drink cured the catarrh-cottonreel