Thursday 19 November 2009

Can You Imagine

All who read my blog will know I ,ve been out of action a bit lately waiting for the new router . It is now working, well I can get the broadband but I,m having a lot of problems with the email part of it , I have been chatting with the B,T people, going through the motions , they say every thing is O,K but as soon as I disconnect from them I,m back to sq,.1

when I firsthad talks with B,t about the said piece of equipment the fellow on the other end of the phone said why didn,t I have a vision box , If I signed with them for another 12 month contract it would be free, hmm, well he didn,t say it would be a refurbished one , I ask did they send a man to fix and tune in this equipment . Oh no said he it,s so simple you will be able to do it yourself !! I,m not a whizz kid said I , you will be able to do it yourself he replied again .

The parcel arrived , it sat in the hall like a squatter at a demo . bluebell phones , have you got a piece of whatever, ? Yes ! o,k I,ll be round for it . In she comes , have you not opened this box yet? she puts it on the table , undoes the parcel , plastic and brown sticky tape everywhere . I made coffee while she studied the paperwork . After a series of hmmm, yes , er, she said right you bring this into the sitting room I.ll bring that .

I,m very good at doing as I,m told , I take this and she brings that . T,V and cabinet pulled away from the wall , the dialogue begins . Pull that wire out of there and plug this in it,s place . Yes boss lady , I,ve done that .

Take the d,v,ds out of there to make room for the vision box,

O,K boss lady, now the once clear coffee table is piled with d,v,ds . little boxes ,cables and plugs . Arials and scart plugs duly and dutifully pulled out of one thing and plugged in somewhere else, ethernet cables attached to phone lines and other space looking objects .

Yes boss lady says , I think we are ready , (anyone would think we are switching on the christmas lights in town) Switch on ! are all the lights showing green the boss lady ask,s No, they are yellow says I . So , another phone call to the support team , by now boss lady was on first name terms with the support team ,and had quite a friendly rapport with them , there was quite a bit of o,k, babe in the conversation . but on this call the babe said we cannot help you anymore the computers are down . Is this the signal , clear off we,ve had enough of you ?

more reading of instructions , Ah !! said boss lady , whats this cable for , we missed this one , plug it in , we had been lying on the floor and almost standing on our heads looking for green lights ,up to this stage we had green lights but now they had turned yellow ! the t,v screen said please wait , after 1/2 hour waiting boss lady said I,m going home ,

After boss lady went home the screen said , wrong set up ,unplug everything and start again . Boss lady phoned again for the result of please wait sign . I told her the message , she said I.ll be round in the morning . Oh ! dear thought I silently

Morning came , boss lady came , more phone calls, it finally took a girl support worker called Amy to give the right information .and get us on the right track, all is now working .

P,S ,, I now know why boss lady bluebell wears combat trousers .

she is a very good friend and we do laugh a lot, coming home from our sewing circle we saw a man with those trousers where the crotch is almost down to the knees, wonder what he keeps in there we mused , bluebell couldn,t see to drive with tears in her eyes laughing .


Scrappy quilter said...

Glad to hear all is now working okay. Hugs.

Diane said...

Don't you just love technology!!!

Elizabethd said...

I couldnt begin to understand any of that sort of technology...well done you two!

Anonymous said...

You are a funny lady! Thanks for making me laugh this morning!

By Hoki Quilts said...

I'm so sorry, but your tale had me roaring with laughter as it reminded me of our attempts only our phone conversations were with someone not even in NZ. In the end I 'adopted' a teenager from the comp class at the local high school.

cottonreel said...

Every one needs to have good relations with a teenager, they are so neccessary in this world of super technology, where I live teenagers are just passing visions on their way to wherever------------cottonreel