Friday 21 August 2009

Quilt Shows ! a hazzard to your health

This morning I feel as if I have been splattered on the pavement, scooped up and morphed again . Work that one out if you can . I had a high energy breakfast , my head is just beginning to feel o,k. I awoke several times during the night, the first time I looked at the clock I thought it was ten past five, oh good ! it was really half past two .

When my day begins I shall start a beautiful bright coloured Kaffe Fassett quilt , and draw energy from the bright fabric . I shall stroke orange, yellow and turquoise cloth and drool .bluebell said "Well you made him laugh,but then you would make a cat laugh" meow !

It,s been a good week , Peter my son came from Bristol to repair my roof , so at least the lid won,t blow of my property.My two sons are good, they sort my building problems out for me .

Well! no more time to blog , I have fabric to stroke,patterns to study , books to browse and silly little novelties to smile at.

I want to say thankyou bluebell, she did the driving to the quilt show, she is a star in my life **


Cal said...

Hope the quilting makes you feel better. Have a lovely weekend. x

Tracey said...

I'm sure stroking all that fabric will make you better in no time! XXX

Scrappy quilter said...

Have fun quilting. I know stroking and fondling all that fabric will definitely make you feel better. Sending lots of hugs your way.

ceecee said...

Hi Cottonreel,
I will be happy to send you the recipe with the correct amounts of each ingredient. You can leave your e-mail address in my comment box and rest assure that I won't post it. I have quite a busy day ahead of me but will try to get to it tomorrow. Hope all is well and that you are enjoying what is left of the summer.