Tuesday 11 August 2009

What comes first

Re my situation concerning Mosquitoes ,
If you use a plug in you cannot have the air con,. on
If you use the air con,. you cannot have the windows open
End of that story

The dog is a much loved pet , a cross between a Labrador and an Alsation, resulting in the size of a shetland pony when standing, when lying down which he is most of the day , he,s the length of a young calf . To step over him when he,s lying flat out, is difficult , I,m an old biddy , I cannot stretch my legs that far . The animals , 1 huge dog , 3 cats are really lovely sweet natured things . The cat Casper washes another cat Daisy Mae , she is possibly 3 month old, she was a given to the owners when out for a meal with the alternative ,if they didn,t take her she would be put down , but I digress , Toby the dog washes Casper , in return for her sleeping with him . In return for Toby washing Casper from nose to the tip of her tail , she washes his ears . Abolutions over, they settle down together to snooze , Daisy Mae looks on as if to say where can I fit in .

That leaves Felix the black and white cat, very aloof and independant , she washes herself , quite affectionate but doesn,t mix much with the others . Daisy mae being a youngster spends most of her day chasing her tail and tormenting animals and humans .

Now for another saga!! I mentioned yesterday when I woke up 5.30 a.m having trouble with a mosquito in my room , not being able to go downstairs owing to the dog being stretched out across them I thought I.ll put plan B into action, I.ll sit in David,s room till he wakes up . Too many clothes on the chair so I,ll sit on the side of his bed. After 10 min,s he sleepily opened his eyes and had a shock to see me sitting there !! He went to bed for a doze in the afternoon to be woken by Felix the black and white cat licking his face .

If you laugh at holidays, I,ll be laughing for months.

This morning Tony , Davids friend got up, anxiously searching for his money . he thought he,d lost it. We,d been out for a meal , he had 2 beers, when he was searching he found it on top of the wardrobe !!! said he couldn,t remember putting it there , strong stuff beer.

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Scrappy quilter said...

Sounds like you'll be able to write a book by the time your holiday is done. Hugs..