Wednesday 23 April 2014

Just another day

I'm gradually getting done all that needs.
Dead daffodils removed to make way for summer planting. I shall wait a few days to let the earth settle again .
A good bucket full of weeds pulled out too . I finished making my new quilt bag. Quite pleased to see another project finished . I also knitted a sleeve for the cardigan . I shall be doing 3 cardigans in the same yarn for sisters. I have made 2 backs, 4 fronts,and 2 sleeves up to now. these will be for the twins , then a larger one for big sister.
So , another satisfying day.
Briony of http;// has shown a super wall hanging made from her odds and ends of wool . Take a peek/


margaret said...

love the patchwork bag, was it easy to do? So you lifted your daffodils, I leave mine in though next year I will make a note of those that do not flower and discard them, too much like hard work to dig out and replant in the autumn, also leave the tulips that have been excellent this year. You can tell I am a member of the lazy gardener brigade!

Barb Oaker said...

Your bag is perfect for summer. It's bright and happy looking....I love it!

Chris H said...

Hi! Yesterday there must have been a glitch cos I can comment now. I love your bag!