Thursday 6 March 2014


I don't care what the weather man says . It's raining at present , I don't care .
I have a new patchwork book to read.  It is my third Kathy Doughty book and I think it is the best yet .
I would say when the weather is dismal  read a book of modern quilts .
Kathy's books are full of colour and surprises .
I know I still have strips to put together for the blue strip quilt I;m currently doing but I intend to crack on and start something from my new book .
If you like Kaffe Fassett you will also favour Kathy Doughty designs.
As I sat in the conservatory having coffee it was great to see the blackbirds being territorial .
Yesterday I did spring cleaning in my bedroom so I have no guilty conscience about sewing today .
One more coffee before I start .


MyCretanlife said...

That book would appeal to me to. Lovely bright colours. Sure to bring some sunshine into your life, no wonder your not bothered about the rain. I dare not buy any more books though, it will just be something else to pack and carry on our move back to Crete.

cottonreel said...

Tell me more Judith about going back to Crete

Piece by Piece said...

This is the second day we have had sunshine, mind you, temp is still on the minus side of zero C. but it makes one feel a lot better.
If the quilts on the cover are an indication of what's inside, looks like great reading and sewing.

margaret said...

looks very interesting, like you I love a good quilt book, am waiting for foolproof crazy quilting to come through my letter box

Barb Oaker said...

It looks like a lovely book. Our weather is breaking a little and it's possible to imagine Spring just around the corner.

Warm Regards, barb

Barb Oaker said...

I've been missing you online. I hope all is well with you and that you are just in a creative frenzy!! Or are you possibly gardening already....?? Warm Regards to you. Barb