Wednesday 5 March 2014


Another holiday picture .  This man is dredging for cockles . He was just one of many men in the sea doing the same thing .
They left their bicycles on the sands and left their nets at the side of the bicycles . I wonder what happened to all the cockles . I didn't see any for sale anywhere . There were lots of beautiful shells on the beach . Alison and myself bought a bagful home.  Mine will go in the garden .


Unknown said...

Oh my.....what a delightful blog I stumbled upon! So bright and cheery with so many colors. I am not a blogger but will be reading yours. You seem to be a very busy, productive, talented great-grandmother and I salute you.

Granny Ann in Canada

cottonreel said...

Oh! I do wish granny Ann was a blogger but it can also be just as much fun reading blogs .
Thank you for your comment