Wednesday 12 February 2014

No Apologies ,I'm re ,hashing but please read on

I have been researching charity sites this afternoon . I have found by putting Loving Hands , in my Google bar there are lots of charity info.
These little jumpers are the thing my friends and myself are involved in at present but there are lots of knitting patterns.
We don't have to pay postage . One friend takes them to Infacare in Syston , Leicestershire .  They also collect unused medication that is still in date , Quilts and other things . I think it is a branch of Unicef . The items collected are taken to other countries and handed over personally
On my blog yesterday I had a comment from a blogger who said her group made about 50 jumpers last year . They found the postage a drawback ..This need not be so if you read further down my blog.
In the past we have knitted teddies for children abroad who have no personal things of their own . We have made dresses from pillowcases that might have ended up as dusters .
Looking through the Loving Hands site there are lots and lots of knitting and crochet patterns .
A local Rotary Club collected a lot of the teddies .
If a group of friends get involved in charity knitting . crochet or quilts please enquire at a local Rotary organisation if they would be willing to pass your contributions on to Unicef .

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Unknown said...

Did you know there is group of Loving Hands people who meet in Desford at the Church Centre on the last Tuesday of the month
We make mostly dresses and shorts, but people also knit blanket squares, teddies etc.
Please come and meet us.