Monday 13 January 2014

Being Fooled

In the words of the tv sitcom ,   I don't believe it !!!
yesterday bluebell and myself went to the Fabric Guild , on the way home we saw CATKINS , lots of them .  Surely it is too early
Another blogger posted a picture of pussy willow coming out .
While out shopping today I bought new bird feeders . The ones on the bird station had lost the lids in the high winds .
all topped up with seed and Niger seed for the smaller birds . I have noticed the sparrows flying around so hopefully they will notice the new containers and fresh seed.
A few bulbs just poking through the soil . the weather is very cold ,but sunny.
I have been making a bag out of my new Anni Downs book . It has a front panel made with felt , of course I shall post it when finished .
quite a bit of crochet also being done. Two babies expected in the family mid, summer .


Sparklyjools said...

I photographed catkins this morning!:) Hazel and alder.

margaret said...

fabric guild sounds interesting, wondering what it is. I too have catkins out and lots of bulbs popping up so fingers crossed we do not get a very cold spell. I even have daisies on the lawn which I do not think has happened before,

Barb Oaker said...

I believe that spring is in the air. For the past few days we have had hundreds of red-breasted robins in our yard.

I used to have a gray pussy willow tree and it bloomed in February. I would always pick a huge bunch of them and take them to a friend who had a flower shop and she would work them into her spring arrangements. Such an old fashioned bloom.

crafty cat corner said...

Yes, I saw the beginnings of pussy willow the other day, couldn't believe my eyes.