Saturday 25 January 2014

At Home Today , all Day .

I decided I was going to have an at home day today .Just doing whatever the fancy was.
I have had two visitors but each stayed just about 1/2 hour each . One to collect a sewing alt and the other the Avon lady . Yes !! ding dong.
I have sat doing crochet , a lovely quiet time.
his is my spot to sit , all the paraphernalia around my feet . pure contentment

This is another string to the bow , bag making from the Ani Downs book that bluebell bought as a Christmas present .

The kitchen table . I have a radiator at my back here so a warm spot to work.

In between every thing else I do a spot of blog reading in my den.

My amaryllis has come into flower this week . A dear friend bought this for me at christmas . If she has time to read my blog she will be pleased to see it


Miss Holly said...

What a divine way to spend a day........perfection in every way!!!

margaret said...

you day sounds very enjoyable, I love to sit, sew and ponder, do all the blogging when I get up and this way get inspired for the day.Sometimes housework can be neglected for more enjoyable things!

Sparklyjools said...

This looks so lovely and cosy!

Sam said...

Looks like my kind of crafty space! My crafting is slowly taking over the house. I love the days I don't have to go out or have any visitors so I can craft without interruption!

Miss Holly said...

Your so nice to stop by and become a follower!!! Thank you so much!!!
I love Rosamund Pilcher!!!! I think Winter Solstice is my favorite...
I reread them all the time!!!!

crafty cat corner said...

Looks like you've got everything nicely organized.
Beautiful flower.

Lynne said...

Absolutely the way I like to spend a day! Well done you for going with the flow.

I really like your little chair - I have the same one in my sewing room!

Michele said...

Joy of joys. Sweet contentment. LOL Busy bee....I love it.

Barb said...

What a fun quiet day