Tuesday 22 October 2013

Out of Action

I have been out of action and off the radar for a few days .
Today I decided to check my emails only to find BT yahoo page for emails has changed . It's a new set up it says .
I followed the instructions , I got my inbox but within less than a minute it disappeared , now I cannot get it at all .I cannot find it again , has anyone else the same problem or had the problem and solved it .
Back to my blog . Before I was indisposed I collected my crab apples . Washed and boiled I used my method of hanging the pulp to drain . My method being to leave hanging from my ironing board overnight .

This is the result .

I made another bag , these are the two pocket panels .The bag is now complete and waiting to be collected .Nothing else to report at present . I did finish a bed quilt I had been working on  , I will show it tomorrow .
Bye for now


Elizabethd said...

Crabapples give such a lovely colour to the jelly. I hang my bags from the top kitchen cupboard handles, with a bowl on the worktop.

margaret said...

sorry you have not been so well but good to have you back.

Why oh why do the providers keep changing things. I am with google and their set up has changed,I am sure they do it to confuse, half the time I know not what I am doing!! that is nothing new. Cannot help you sort out yours though, maybe when you turn the computer back on all will be well.

Crap apple jelly looks lovely.

Barb said...

Yummy!!!! You just made me hungry

Chris H said...

I just saw your adorable bag on Pinterest! So pretty. And that jelly looks wonderful.