Saturday 15 June 2013

Questions and Answers and I want to understand and read Nina's blog

On my last blog I have a lady leave a comment .I'd like to read her blog , it looks very interesting only thing is I don't understand the language and I don't know how to put translate on my laptop . I used to have it but like many things it disappeared . I have looked at the blog and the lady's name is Nina .
Can someone tell me how to get translate .
Caz asked about the machine embroidery on my last blog . It was from my friend Elaine . She has a Bernina machine .I understand it is an old Bernina , she slots a card in it with the image on and bingo! job done .
I don't have expensive up to date machines , if I want to machine embroider I draw my design faintly on the fabric , then outline the design with a small zig zag , then go over the small zig zag outline with a closed zig zag moving the fabric with the feed dogs dropped and the designed fabric clipped into a hoop . Takes a little getting used to doing but well worth the effort to try .
All you need is a machine that does a zig zag stitch and most machines do .
Eleven o clock , coffee time  , Bye .


Caz said...

Thanks for the quick answer, Cottonreel. And Nina left a comment on my blog too!

Pam said...

Nina is writing in Portuguese, when I clicked onto her blog a banner came up asking if i wanted it translated.

Chris H said...

There should be something at the top that allows you to choose translate to English.
I hope you found it?

Karen said...

Here is a link for adding Google Translate to your tool bar on your computer.