Tuesday 9 April 2013

This is one of my machine embroidery pictures . I haven't done any for a while but must get going again.
Today I have spent 3 hrs,. tidyng the garden , pulling dead and decayed stuff away from plants hoping the air will encourage new growth. .
I have potted on cosmos and coleus but still have more to do . I must sow my Delphinium seeds . I know they won't flower this year but hopefully will make good growth .
Today it will be a salmon salad tea but I would love a snooze after my gardening . No time for a snooze really , I have to make the April postcard for my swap.
If you are interested in postcards put Bundy postcards in your Google bar . They are lovely


Angela said...

That is really beautiful. One of these days i must visit you, because I really need someone to teach me to do machine embroidery! xx

Elizabethd said...

How lovely your picture is.
It's too cold here to pot up seedlings, though I'm going to have to soon.

Pam said...

It is lovely, I am not a whizz at embroidery and my machines were both bought for quilting, but I am thinking of upgrading, just need to save a bit longer.

cottonreel said...

The embroidery is straight st,. with the feed dogs lowered , or zig zag with the feed dogs up .
It is really like machine quilting
It helps to paint your picture first on a stiff calico . ordinary childrens paint box from a £1 shop is fine .

Piece by Piece said...

Thank You, you have just answered my question......, I wondered if you used coloured fabric for the different areas of your picture.
That is an excellent idea using paints, going to have to give that a try.