Friday 19 October 2012

I went to my usual Thursday afternoon sewing yesterday with Bluebell , our host gave us 4 wooden cotten bobbins each . They are so collectable . I had a lot at one time then someone saw them and ask could she have them . I gave . I didn't realise they would be so sought after . These are the only ones I have so I better cherish them and turn a deaf ear next time someone espies them .
My next picture is showing why I'm finding it difficult to blog . I'm doing crochet every spare moment . Little extra christmas pressies . I love doing crochet so it's no hardship . I saw my first crochet blanket when I visited Silver Sewer about 2 years ago . She had made a very pretty blanket after being taught when visiting an American friend .  I next saw a tutorial on the blog of Attic 24 , I then made a positive start . Dividing my time between crochet and my patchwork leaves time for little else
Off for a cup of tea to fortify . Bye .


Caz said...

I want to crochet a blanket,, got to 'remind' myself how to crochet! The the colours in your squares.

Angela said...

I have a number of wooden bobbins - I love the way they used to give the thread colours names and not numbers [peacock, mushroom, saxe blue, mustard, violet...] Even when I use up all the thread, I put the wooden bobbin back in my box.

LOVE your crochet!

barb's creations said...

I'm like you trying to divide my time between patchwork and crochet.Love how your blankets are looking especially the red and white one :) Barb.