Sunday 13 November 2011

Mellow fruitfullness

It's been a lovely weekend for me . Yesterday there was that lovely Autumn smell in the air , decaying leaves that only a week ago the leaves were still on the trees in Autumn spledour

Today, sunshine . It was warm , I decided to take advantage and do washing . Not a usual activity for Sunday , it did not dry . There were bees about , a very big one kept settling on my white duvet cover and then another bee, species unknown .

I'm now going to settle in my chair . I shall be trying to put my sewing patterns in order . I do get waylayed looking for patterns in disorganised files so often saying to myself when I find a long lost design Oh! thats where it is . Order reigns again .


MyCretanlife said...

I am trying to get myself organised here too. It will be good to just go to the cupboard and get what I want without having to hunt for things. But it all takes time. Love the cushion.

Chris H said...

Love that cushion!
I just 'organised' my card making area... *sigh*... I'm sure something else will need organising soon too.