Tuesday 1 November 2011

Information needed *******

I had such lovely comments on my last blog .

Sometimes I feel I,m in a rut with my sewing , patchwork and quilting then a positive comment is made , and I feel encouraged to proceed .

The information required ? Does anyone know where I can purchase small amounts of velvet ,satin , and what I call precious fabrics .

I passed my stash to a new beginner because I felt I was using the same fabric over and over but I now need to re-stock .

If you look at these quilts you will perhaps see the kind of fabric I need . I am not asking for freebies .

This is a photo of shirts that I cut to make quilts . I usually pay approx £3 for a good shirt .

Satin and lace I have been buying from a lady called Jennifer Trollope . Her bags of fabric were called Rich Pickings and cost £4 per bag . When I went to Malvern last week Jennifer said her supply had dried up , there would be no more . Such sad news to me .

This is a picture of a previous shirt quilt that is now in my son's possesion .

If anyone has shirts they no longer need I will buy them and pay postage . I live in the UK.


Angela said...

I will sort out a bagful for you from my stash next week when I am a bit less busy - I only live up the road, and when its sorted, I'll contact you and then drop round to exchange them for a cup of tea!!

blessings x

MyCretanlife said...

Do they not have jumble sales where you live? I know they are going out of fashion, but they are a useful source. Car boots are another place to find nice treasure too. £3 is a lot to pay for a second hand shirt, maybe you could ask them if they have any clothes that are no good for selling but might be good for you to cut up. You can only ask cant you, but make sure you talk to the person in charge, they might be more willing to help.

cottonreel said...

Where I live there are no rummage sales , seems they are a thing of the past .
I remember my mum used to go to rummage sales, when my youngest sister enquired "was this from the rummage"? my mum replied "NO!! I've been to the sales in town"

The last car boot I went to ? , well, best not mentioned .

Elizabethd said...

Have you tried ebay? I have found bags of patchworky fabrics, ribbons, laces etc. If you type in the specific fabrics you are looking for you might be lucky.

I do love looking at your quilts!

petals and vintage said...

Thanks for your visit on my blog. Lovely to meet you. Your quilts are so stunning. I love the way that you recycle shirts and make them into quilts.

Love to see some of your blue and white collection. Take care. Pam x

Mac n' Janet said...

When I need small amounts of specialty material I look on etsy.