Friday 25 November 2011

Beautiful day here in my part of England , cold but sunny . I have spent most of the morning sitting in my sunny conservatory reading quilting magazines, putting book marks in all that interests me . Who am I fooling, If I lived forever I would never get every thing made butwe can dream.

When I visited the Malvern quilt show in May I bought a frame to do long arm quilting . It's not a top of the range affair but it makes machine quilting so much more easy .

I also bought a Juki machine with a bigger space under the arm . The frame and the machine are a pleasure to use . I am now getting familiar with he speed of the machine and I have brainwashed myself in the order of use .

Before I had these two items I did a lot of hand quilting . A grandmother's garden quilt like the one I have completed this week would have taken me many weeks to complete .now , things are so different .

I do not begrudge one penny spent after all it is my hobby and we all know it is not cheap to have hobbies these days .

My set doesn't have a pantagraph but I'm getting adept at keeping the pattern regular enough to be pleasing .


Mermaid's Purse said...

The quilting is really lovely!

Chris H said...

You are doing well with the quilting... I wish I could quilt better. I always seem to end up doing long curvy lines.

Aunty Bee said...

Well done they look great, anything that makes machine quilting is great I really struggle with it for some reason.

cottonreel said...

I have been machine quilting on my domestic for many years so it made it easier to use the long arm .

My Creative House said...

What a beautiful quilt and the quilting is really beautifully done, thanks for visit and nice comment on my blog.