Monday 31 October 2011

If I wasn't so nosey !!

I switch my lap top on every day to see what is happening in the world .

I first check my emails . Then check on information if there is something I need to look up .

From there I look at the blogs . Usually I scroll down the blogger dashboard . It's then that I forget time . So many interesting blogs to read . Wonderful crafted items being shown with so much information on how things were made , and what materials were used .

After a time I realise I must close down and get on with my housework ,my garden or my sewing . I find I do not have time to write in my own blog or to answer snail mail letters . I have at least two friends that don't use a computer ,so I have written letters through my post box . This is lovely , much more informative and newsy but it means I have to reply using pen and paper and a trip to the post office .

When not being nosey I have been sewing .

I'm showing you a bed quilt made from men's shirts and bits of floral patchwork fabric cut into 3 1/2 " strips . I needed to practice using a quilt frame I purchased at the Malvern quilt show last May .

It isn't one of the super duper frames with a machine and set up that produces a regular pattern all over . It can have a laser attached so a regular design can be followed but I have to get used to controlling the speed of the machine . All is gradually coming o,k .

The quilt I'm showing has all kinds of swirls and wiggles as a practice piece but hey! no one is giving out awards so it doesn't matter . It has been admired and I'm happy as a novice user . It is the second quilt I have quilted on the frame . I know my next attempt will be a big improvement

This picture shows the back of the quilt with it's catalouge of squiggles and swirls

This reverse side could even pass for a quirky wholecloth


Angela said...

What a great machine.
I too can get side-tracked with blogs- so I set my kitchen timer and when it goes off, I leave the PC, make a cup of tea and get on with something else. If I did not do that I would NEVER get my jobs done!
blessings x

Frog Quilter said...

What they say about practice is TRUE...Love the quilt. Congrats. You go girl...

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow! I am so impressed. The only quilts I have made (ok only made ONE) was baby quilts. And I just used my sewing machine to do it. A quilting frame ... your work is beautiful.
Clearly you don't spend TOO much time reading blogs!!!

Angie said...

I think you did a FANTASTIC job and I love the upcycled shirt fabrics and the layout of that quilt. A perfect quilt, IMHO. :)

Carrie P. said...

great idea to use the shirts in a quilt.
Reading blogs can be very time consuming.
Thanks for coming by my blog. Good luck in my giveaway.