Monday 22 August 2011


I have just been into my local shop Co,op . I live in a small village and co,op have the monopoly , 2 shops , one each end of the village .

In the section where they put reduced stuff on it's sell by date -- 2 packs fresh garden peas but not so fresh because they are on there sell by date , price, £1.55 , "how much originally " ask I , "£3 sez he ," " but it also says buy one get one free " sez I , "does that mean I can have both packs for £1.55 " " No sez he " Is this a conundrum ? am I right or is he ?

Please think about it and leave me a comment .


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Hmmmmm sounds a bit iffy to me, I hope you told him where to put his reduces peas, politely of course.

I have seen the same thing in Tesco, 2 for x reduced to y for 1 packet which is more than the half the price for two if you see what I mean.

Elizabethd said...

You are right, he's fleecing people.

MyCretanlife said...

Let him keep his peas.He should know some more off.

Mac n' Janet said...

You're right so let him keep his old peas.

Angela said...

Sadly he is 'technically' able to charge what he likes - but morally, I think he is wrong. Often when scanned through the computerised till, the 2 for 1 kicks in anyway [it certainly does in Sainsburys]
I'd be tempted to wait til it has rung through the till, THEN say "Oh, sorry, I only bought these as it said '2 for 1'"
ah, the delights of village shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to be bothered?

Jane said...

His price for tired old peas - at £3.10 for 2 packs - is higher than it was when the peas were fresh. He's a rip off merchant exploiting those unable to shop elsewhere or too mathematically challenged to see he's scamming. Stick to frozen peas, much fresher.

cottonreel said...

I love all these comments

Yes!! why did I bother challenging him ? I don't know ! It was probably something to get the blood cursing thr,. my veins

Jo said...

Most supermarkets say that bogof or other special price only applies to goods before they are yellow stickered. I've had this discussion with shop people too : ) Also I've frequently seen bogof things reduced to a price where two of them comes to a higher price than buying the fresher bogof items. And none of the Sainsburys in our area allow the bogof to ring through the till even on yellow stickered items as in Angela's area. Shame!

Thank you for the blackberry vinegar recipe. I'm going to make some to see if it will stave off a few colds and bad throats for me this winter. I was hoping to go blackberrying today but rain stopped play.