Wednesday 24 August 2011

£1 please

Something else up . I hear today it now cost £1 to order a book from the library , even if children order.


Angela said...

That's not the worst of it - you can order the book, pay your £1 and then NOT GET IT if there is a fault on the computer system. I ordered a book - having first checked it 'existed' in the county library service - only to discover that 'its not there, someone must have nicked it' - and I never got my £ back!!

Chris H said...

REally! I have a book on order at our local library, I reserved it months ago.. still waiting. At least it didn't cost me anything.

cottonreel said...

Re, Angela's blog , a bit more sharp practice .

I know we are being told we might lose our libraries but I thought they were financed from the council tax .Perhaps I am wrong

Sandies' Patch said...

Mmm, so much for 'free' libraries!
Mind you, I have no personal transport these days, so being able to 'order on line' and paying the £1 when I get a lift into the village is good for me.

As for the Co-op I think they sussed out they were losing out re- the 2 for one offers, and put a stop to it. Not fair to me though! LOL!

It's funny though, My next nearest village also has 2 Co-ops, unless it's the same one? ?Small world?

Sandie xx

cottonreel said...
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cottonreel said...

Yep !! my village is next to Sandie's 2 Co, ops .

THat was my comment deleted above , all gobbledegook

Aunty Bee said...

We here in ChCh in NZ, have for years paid for ordering a book, it's up to $2 now per book. I'm on the waiting list for numerous books at the moment in fact I'm 34 for one book, no one minds we are a nation of readers, they even let you order books they haven't ordered yet, that way they know what people want to read.