Friday 2 December 2011

and there is more

So many mishaps this week , I'm almost afraid to get up in the morning .

Earlier in the week I dropped and broke a crystal candle stick . I was very fond of that ornament .

I also broke a tooth . scary but now mended .

Last night I decided my dinner would be a cheese omelette . The top fell off the pepper pot. All the pepper went into the eggs . I scooped it out , so that was a disaster rectified .

The week isn't over yet!!! ??


Vintage Clutter said...

I hope the rest of your week goes better, you got all the bad stuff out of the way so now it will be GOOD!

Sandies' Patch said...

At least you didn't put the milk in the kettle whilst talking on the phone! (don't remember who did that!)
Your weekend will be fantastic, says Mystic Sandie....

Sandie xx