Sunday 28 November 2010

Call me irresponsible

Today I have the energy of two people , perhaps it,s due to playing some of my favourite cds and singing along , lets face it music is so uplifting .
My lunch is almost cooked . it,s a roast dnner with bread and butter pudding to follow , mmmmm, shall I have cream or creme anglaise , decisions ,decisions .!! I will not have any energy when I have eat my lunch , I,ll most likely fall asleep.

These are 4 more stockings to be filled . I purchased a panel with 2 stockings on for £1.25 from the fabric guild . I put holly fabric on the backs so that made 4 stockings .

This is my little fish pond frozen over again . I coverered part of it with ply hoping it would shelter my fish a little . I really don,t know how they survive . Goodness knows where the birds are ,they are not visiting my bird station .

I did have some unidentifiable paw prints on my snow covered patio . I wonder what lurks out there when it,s dark .


Diane said...

I was wondering where the frogs go in winter. Love the sewing. xxx

Piece by Piece said...

Love your Christmas stockings. I have a thin layer of ice on my pond, no snow yet. I think we would be surprised with the number of critters that pass by when we are sleeping.

Angela said...

Such pretty stockings. I think it makes sense to back the pieces with other fabric - that way you get better value.
Side roads here still snow covered

Someone at church today said THEY had unidentified paw prints in their garden too. we think it is the Beast Of Belvoir!

blessings x

Scrappy quilter said...

Oooh I love your stockings. They really are pretty. Hugs

cottonreel said...

The Beast of Belvoir . OH NO!!!!!--cottonreel