Monday 22 March 2010

Time on my hands

My friend bluebell is going on a gap week , I hope the weather is better than it has been today . I shall be spending time rooting and a tooting with my fabric stash , tidying it and giving it the once over . Stroking fabric, sighing over it and thinking if only I had the time to make all those quilts I bought the fabric for in the first place .

Blog hopping cuts into sewing time but it is oh so necessary to see what everyone else is up to . A short time ago I looked at the blog of Diane Knott, she has a wonderful tip on her site, I immediately sorted a piece of fabric and a lace doily , followed her instructions and ended with a patterned paper that will be so useful . Tomorrow I shall be having another go, I can think of many things I can use her tutorial for . No! I,m not giving much away , you must go onto her site to find out more , thats only fair . Join her as a follower , she is a very giving person with her ideas and even if you don,t want to use them her site is so interesting , Diane is a very talented person .
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Anonymous said...

You're sweet to post about this! I scan my lace all the time and you're right! It makes wonderful covers for books, etc.! So pretty!


Thespoena McLaughlin said...

Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog. You asked how you can print one item without printing several pages,
-if you are wanting to print a picture from a site you can left click on the picture and it will show you just the picture, from there you can either right click and save to your computer or go up to your browser's tool bar and left click on "file" then select print.

-if you are wanting to print text from a blog or online you simply hold your left mouse button down and drag down to select the portion of text your want to print, then go to you browser tool bar and left click on "file" then select print, when your print window pops up there should be a box you can check that says "print selected" or something similar, click that box then click on print and your printer should only print the portion of text you have selected.

Hope this helps.
Have a very happy day!
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