Saturday 13 March 2010


This is a quilt I have been working on for a friend, she pieced the top , I added the sides , batting , backing and machine quilted it . It is made up of elongated hexagons .. I shall try to show other aspects of the quilt .

Because picassa kept telling me I had no disc space left a friend moved some pictures over to a D disc , now when I try to blog pictures I can only bring forth the ones on the D disc . The current pictures I have taken I presume are on a C disc , so, I can only bring up 1 at a time , not a series . this means I have to keep closing down to show 1 pic,. at a time . me being absolutely computer illiterate will have to try to sort this one out . Oh Dear !!!!

I have been and indeed still am a bit out of sorts . I have a cyst on my finger through wearing a thimble , sometimes it,s quite painful . I can manage to do some sewing as long as it isn,t thick but I do tend to pierce the end of my finger with the needle . From now on I shall only be doing my own patchwork.

Yesterday I was reading blogs and really enjoyed looking at some that were referring to what they called White Wednesday , these girls were showing all kinds of delightful things . You know how it is you flick from one blog to another that is mentioned, forgetting to keep track of what you have seen , now I do not know where to find these sites , can anyone enlighten me , Some were shabby chic but all so interesting .
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