Sunday 2 August 2020

Today I was introduced  to a very knowledgeable young man who is very clever with internet technology . 

It is several years since I have written my blog , reason being I changed from a laptop to an iPad .Changing really threw a spanner into the works . My email address changed so I lost reconnnition 
I do hope some of  get in touch . I’m looking forward to making friends again in the world of blogging . Please even if it is just today hello xx


Pattypan said...

Hello Cottonreel and welcome back to the blogging community. I hope you are keeping well and am pleased that someone has helped you with the technology issues. I hope you are keeping well and still able to do your beautiful needlework. Lovely to see you back. Tricia (aka Pattypan) x

cottonreel said...

Hello Tricia , I’m so happy to have reached out to you . I remember you had health problems . I do hope they are now sorted And what about those beautiful cats ! Do you still have them .
My needlework isn’t my main hobby anymore due to macular problems but I enjoy crochet with yarn , keeping my family with blankets .
Hopefully it is only bye for now xx