Sunday 1 July 2018

It’s like swotting for an exam

Little by little and by poking my nose in other blogs I might slowly be getting the hang of blogging again but it isn’t going to happen over night. Things have changed, formats are different .Dare I say it , things seemed easier way back then.
I have stated my problem in a ptevios post . I went from a laptop to an iPad . I changed my address etc,. Then it all started getting complicated. I gave up and went to f/ book . F / book is good for keeping in touch with family, it’s convenient but a blog has more depth, it seems to me like you are getting in touch with a personal friend.
I have left comments but I’m not sure if I have gone about it the right way, only time will tell.
Thank you Pattypan and Marty Mason,.
Any one have a good carrot cake recipe ?

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