Tuesday 9 July 2013

Top day

I have had a lovely day . I used my free bus pass to go to collect new spectacles .  I boarded a bus from my village to go a few miles down the road into the next village of Newbold Verdun . There I caught another bus .This little bus took me to the little town where I was heading .It was a long journey because it travelled into the depth's of the Leicestershire countryside .
It called at a couple of small villages enroute .It was a perfect sunny day , I sat on this little bus feeling like someone out of Country Living magazine with my basket on my knee .
I had never made this trip before because bluebell usually asks do I want to go with her , then we go in her car .
people waiting for the little bus were sitting on a bus stop seat at the roadside ,just chatting to each other and including me in their conversation . They seemed to be weekly travellers on their way to market somewhere .
For me a day to cherish and something I will do again . Sitting at the bus stop listening to the ladies talking about their families , lovely .
This afternoon I was too weary to sew or do anything really .I nodded off sitting in the sunshine , I did manage to weave a few ends on my crochet . I have a small bagful of wool ends they will make a soft pincushion for a pattern I have in mind .
Bye now, time for weary world travellers to go to bed . 
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Barb Oaker said...

I very much enjoyed popping in and savoring your blog this morning. I got a great mental picture of the bus and the travelers. Such a sweet day for you!

All is well in my corner of Missouri. We are now caring for two Scottish Terriers that belong to my daughter and her family. They should be with us several months or so. It's nice to have new life in the house. We have missed our Scottie, Molly, terribly since she passed on three months ago.

Your garden is glorious!

Best Wishes...Barb

Chris H said...

What a lovely idea, going by bus through lovely countryside.
If I catch a bus here it's probably full of strangers who would never think to have a conversation with me.
Sometimes on the train I have had a nice conversation with strangers.
Using your wool bits for stuffing is a great idea.