Monday 1 July 2013


My Hexies shown on my previous post are approx. 3" across from straight side to straight side .

The snippets of wool will go into my felt making

I'm joining my hexies with a stitch one way then going back across the seam which makes it like a cross stitch .  A nice little project to keep in your travelling bag .  If you enlarge the hexie you will be able to follow my pattern quite easy .
4 chains to form the ring
Then 12 trebles into the ring.
from here if you have enlarged the single hexie you should be able to carry on.
as the Meercats say , simple .
I have no finished size in mind , I'll just keep going when I feel like spending a few minutes with colour.  The nice thing is buying an odd ball of yarn in an outrageous colour and using odd lengths
Time for a cuppa and a biscuit .xx


Angela said...

Thank You - that is REALLY easy to follow, and I shall have a go at these when I have finished my latest knitting project!

cottonreel said...

Thank you Angela