Monday 1 July 2013

Crochet Hexies

These are the Hexies I.m crocheting .
I had to devise my own way of doing them . Perhaps I'm dim , It seemed hard going trying to follow the patterns I looked up on blogland .
I'm quite happy with the method I'm doing . This will be a very long project but it 's lovely working with such a variety if colours .


barb's creations said...

WOW!! what a gorgeous burst of colour, well done for making up your own hexie pattern :) Barb.

Angela said...

So VERY pretty. What is the size of each hexie? Is that a Big Blanket, or a small lap Quilt? summer blessings x

creations.1 said...

Starburst of all the colours of the rainbow - stunning!!

cottonreel said...

My hexies measure approx. 3" across using double knitting wool .
I have no size in mind to do the quilt it will just be an ongoing project.
It would be ideal to keep in your travelling bag.

Scrappy quilter said...

I love the colors...stunning!!

Caz said...

Love the look and the colours of your hexies.