Thursday 25 July 2013

A picture of my Lavender hedge taken a few days ago , the bees are loving it .It's a shame I don't know where these bees live I would want to buy  jar of honey .
I have finished all the planting in my garden for this year , hopefully .
I'm hoping to get in front of the sewing machine once again , so many things waiting for a bit more work or quilting to be done . It hasn't been the weather really for sitting with a quilt or sewing on your knee but at present it is rather overcast and cool so perhaps today.
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Angela said...

Your lavender is lovely. my question - when is the right time to cut it back so it grows well next year?

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Save me some when you cut it so I can tie some in bunches.....

Margaret said...

I can smell the lavender from here!
I used to live with an English lady who felt that lavender was the only "proper" smell.

Jake's a Girl said...

I was about to ask the same question. When will you cut it to dry it out? And does cutting it down harm the plants or will they pop back again next summer to bloom again?
They are lovely.

Jake's a Girl

cottonreel said...

I leave the lavender until the bees don't come so often.
It is cut down to about 12 inches . If it is left any longer it will grow too old and woody .I usually cut it with the garden shears but last Autumn bluebells husband did it for me with a hedge cutter . It seemed a drastic cut but this year it is better than ever .It is prolific at self seeding
I is 6 years old , name Hidcote , I think it is royal purple

Angela said...

thanks for the info
when I get round to cutting it, I will save you a bunch

Chris H said...

I had lavender growing in a house we had years ago, and I didn't cut it down and it got all woody and not nice.
Now I know why!
I love lavender. Your hedge is amazing.