Wednesday 20 March 2013

Penny Pinching

I have had one stroke of luck on the financial front this week .
I usually pay £8 to have my eyebrows waxed .
Bluebell and myself were shopping in the town on Monday . While waiting for the lift in the shopping complex we noticed a booth with 3 salon chairs and a sign that said Eyebrow Threading £3 .50  I was there in the chair , in about 3 minutes , all done , brilliant .
We don't usually stop on that particula floor so we had not seen the booth before . The girl said she had been there 2 years .
Surprising what you can miss . That little find made my day .
Some you gain , some you lose . I bought a flight bag from TX Maxx . When I got home I looked in the pockets and the end of the zip came straight off the end . That has to be a journey into town today to return it . It's raining too .


Caz said...

Does the eyebrow thingy hurt? Often thought about having that done.

cottonreel said...

Eyebrow threading or waxing ? both a little uncomfortable . Pluck an eye brow hair yourself to get the feel but for something that takes seconds it's worth having done . I love my eyebrows to be tidy and look neat .

Barb Oaker said...

Does threading hurt as much as waxing? I have very sparse eyebrows despite having a very thick head of hair, so about a year ago I got permanent eyebrows...they look completely natural and no upkeep. It's one of the best things I've ever done. It was a little uncomfortable having it done but not unbearable.

cottonreel said...

The pain is about equal between threading and waxing but hreading is quicker and cleaner . I shall now stay with threading