Saturday 16 February 2013

Glory Be

Today the sun has had his hat on , It gave me the impetus to get moving . Washing , a little housework , shopping with bluebell and gardening this aftenoon .
No more time to spare , I have to tussle with the duvet cover ,oh! but it will be lovely , fresh bed linen, and I starch my pillow cases , I love the feel of starched pillowcases .
Off for my tea , a very happy bunny today and we are told more sunshine tomorrow
Bye for now


Elizabethd said...

A sunny day makes such a difference to the spirits, doesn't it?t

Caz said...

Lovely flowers,,, and what size are the hexies????

Piece by Piece said...

We had that same sunshine here in my part of Ontario, Canada, however, our ground is still frozen solid with a layer of snow on it. Roll on Spring!!!
I have a UFO of hexies which I pick up and do some every so often.
Nice bright flowers.

cottonreel said...

The flowers were the last of the Autumn last year
Thats my thumb at the side of the hexies , The quilt fits the top of my double bed but it is still growing . It's a pick up occasionally project . The quiltis on my Pinterest quilts board
Pinterest is Kathleen Solomi

Barb Oaker said...

I'm happy to hear the sun is shining in your world once again! It sertainly perks you up. Enjoy!

Barb said...

Enjoy your sunshine day!!

Chris H said...

What gorgeous flowers you have today.