Friday 30 November 2012

Ahhh! sweet completion

My crochet blankets for chrismas presents are now complete . The ends are sewn in . I love them . Perhaps I should not saythis about my own work but I believe yu should not giveanything away unless you would eally like to keep it for yourself .
I still have a red and white one that I am crocheting to compliment the christmas stuff I am doing for myself but ,no hurry .
This weekend I am just going to read and mooch . I'm sure to look at blogs , and Pinterest. Nice to see what other people are up to .
Bye for now , off for a cuppa ,


Barb Oaker said...

All of your projects radiate happiness. The blankets are beautiful. I would have a hard time saying which is my favorite. Lucky recipients of these!!! Barb

barb's creations said...

Love,love,love all your blankets!! I'm sure they'll be well loved :) Barb.