Tuesday 4 September 2012

Work this one out

I take part in a monthly postcard swap . Unfortunately all the swaps are in far flung corners of the world . I have never had an English swap .  The postcards are p/c size , embroidered or appliqued or collage whatever method you prefer . The theme for this month is CIRCUS .
Now down to the puzzle .I took my offering to the post office to be weighed . The post lady stamps the address side of it to give it a bit of authencicity . Then on the scales . £1 .38 she says . then I slot the card into an airmail envelope .  Oh! says post lady , your sending it as a package of fabric , that will be £ 3. 80 . In that case I won't send it I said . Aye aye ! she is losing a sale . I'll send it as a letter said she . How much I ask £1.68. P/c is sent.I felt there was a bit of duplicity here . I walked home muttering . This post lady has only been in charge a short while . I will not send anything else from her post office .I do send parcels and packages quite often but out of interest I'll take my custom elsewhere .

This is a picture of my money plant . Is it losing it's powers.


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I have had a similar problem sending stuff, One lady will not squash stuff to go the rough the letter box thingy they use, the chap squashes it and send it either as a letter or small package.

Its whats known as Jobs Worth!!

Elizabethd said...

How odd! They all seem to have different ways of doing things.
How does one get in to a postcard swap?

Maggi said...

The best way is to send it as a postcard, then they can't argue.